November 14, 2012


September 14 - October 7, 2012

We had short notice on taking up the lease for the gallery and even shorter notice to assemble a collection of art to show. As a practicing artist myself, I was anticipating the moment I would be in dire need and developed a collection of work over the summer to show in case of these circumstances.

Titled Megacosms as a reference to the many geographical drawings that oftentimes resemble floating worlds or organisms on white backgrounds. There were 29 drawings in total, drawn in ink on paper, then mounted on wood panels of all different sizes.

After spending many years experimenting with the design and construction of many map-like and cellular drawings and installations, I have decided to integrate a stronger colour theory to my work to help emphasize certain aspects.  Previously when showing my Germination collection in 2011, colour was merely supplemented by a select few pieces to maintain a strong focus on forms and patterns of growth.  Lately, I have been drawn closely to the relations between colours used in my recent work and how they relate to the different surrounding shapes and forms.  This time around, I am really looking at the various perspectives from microscopic to intergalactic.  It is interesting to see where the viewers see themselves in relation.

Inevitably, such detailed works are a subject from many outlying influences.  A large variety of imagery comes to mind when thinking of visual inspiration, but to name a few I would start by stating what many claim to be the obvious.  Maps.  Yes, they tend to be among my primary interests when creating these works, and not just regular old cartography, I mean everything geography.  From tectonics and geological observations to urban planning and infrastructure design, I can stare at maps from morning till night.  Geography has been a huge interest of my since I was just a pod.  That being said though, I can not justify maps as the sole influence in my work.  A great deal of passion for me when looking at maps are the inherent comparisons between both natural and human growths existing harmoniously.  Or, sometimes seen in other perspectives as a parasitic relationship, but I am not going to get into that right now, the point is I have many other influences, I swear.  For a look at more organic patterns I often look at biology diagrams and for more technical reference I turn to circuitry design.  I also draw a lot of ideas from previous work in architectural and graphic design studies and a vast interest graffiti too.  All of those little details and accents that give life its attitude and style are what put me in danger of crossing the street without looking. 

Overall, to many, these new works may seem like a very colourful new rendition of the previous black and white drawings I have made in 2011.  However, when looking closer, there is a stark difference in the line work techniques used and a stronger general feeling of motion among the Megacosms drawings compared to the Germination drawings.  I believe I have found new ground in producing a much faster and more dynamic body of drawings with bright colours and long sharp stretching shapes, and I plan to take it much further.  In fact, I have already started, I actually have several new drawings at my side right now for my newest series titled Tranmission, an in depth examination of a more aggressive and intense adaptation of both Megacosms and Germination.

Unfortunately, this blog entry is long overdue, so I can't just say go check it out, but I can drop you some links.  The Transmission collection won't show its face until late 2013, but there will be a brief preview in Toronto this weekend and Megacosms will resurface this coming spring at Rebecca Gallery in Toronto.  Send me an email if you are interested.

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To see the full Megacosms collection click here.

To see the full Germination collection click here.

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