January 25, 2013

Halloween: The Saga Continues

If you happened to spot a human sized squirrel, raccoon, skunk, giant pumpkinhead, bobble-head George W, a humungous skull, Bill Lumbergh look-alike, or a crazy cardboard box robot on Halloween night in Hamilton, then there is a good chance you caught the remnants of a MANTA celebration.  Celebrations at MANTA often cascade into the streets late at night in search of warm and exciting new retreats to eat, drink, and eventually expand onto a dance floor.  Although scary in costume, this parade is harmless and full of candy, like pi├▒atas.  In fact, if you ever get close enough, you will likely be greeted with a whole box of candy.

Sugar taking its toll.

On October 31, 2012 the Raise the Dead exhibit came to a close with a gathering of friends and costume makers to celebrate Halloween for Halloween's sake!  Initially meeting at MANTA, everyone then decided the best route to wander and the parade begun.  Packed with candy and loot, no one with a good costume was passed without a reward.

Packing loot boxes for costumers and lucky Halloweeners.

Thanks to all who got involved and submitted costumes.

Free sugar!

Join us October 2013 in costume and we'll do it all over again!


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