February 20, 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you were trapped in imaginative storybook world constructed of your wildest childhood dreams?

A brief look at Tara Krebs new collection of paintings will submerse the viewer in a creative fantasy world like stepping inside pages taken from your favourite childhood story.  However, upon looking a little closer you will find yourself in the company of several bizarre hybrid animal characters in a variety of eerie settings.  Witnessing these paintings are like observing another dimension through a keyhole.  You will likely have no idea who or what you are looking at, but will certainly wonder what is going on.

Each piece is never unaccompanied, and the characters always have a striking resemblance to various opposing but recognizable animals.  Furthermore, you will notice reoccurring little girl who restlessly continues to explore and take part in the events unfolding in various pieces.  Inevitably, you will be left alone to put together each piece of a larger narrative.  Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure novel.
Every viewer will find themselves in a different world.

To see more of Tara Kreb's Tree Wolf & Other Stories collection, visit her exhibition page on our website.

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